Keen Look, Inc. has been marketing the works of Margaret Keane for nearly thirty five years. We maintain a close, ongoing relationship with the artist and expect to periodically add more of her delightful works to our inventory.

Our original office is located in Keene, New Hampshire, but our center of operations has been moved to Phoenix Arizona. We expect to continue to fill your requests without any break in operations. We endeavor to fill your orders immediately, within seven days, but please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

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Four decades ago, paintings featuring Margaret Keane's sad-eyed waifs with oversized orbs were reviled by the art establishment as being about as subtle and original as ...

Even so, the masses snatched up dime-store prints, while the original paintings ended up in New York's United Nations, Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre, and in the homes of such celebrities as Joan Crawford, Red Skelton, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Dinah Shore, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Lisa Marie, Robert Wagner, Tim Burton, and Mathew Sweet.

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